The Japanese Iris Robin - JIRobin

Long before the convenience of e-mail and the internet, one of the most effective ways for special interest groups to communicate was through round robins. A letter was sent to a member who would add comments or write another letter, then forward it on to the next member. Many of these robins still exist. With the convenience of e-mail it is now possible to communicate with all members of the group at the same time.

The JIRobin is a group of people who share one common interest: Japanese irises. Some are truly experts, while others are novices. Most of the members just happen to be very fond of Japanese irises. You are invited to join the JIRobin and share in this great exchange.

If you already have a Yahoo! ID, you may join the JIRobin by going directly to If you do not have a Yahoo! ID and would like to join the JIRobin, go to and go to the new members section to obtain your ID.

After you join the group, please post a short introduction, not only your specific interest in Japanese irises, but information such as your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone, soil type and gardening conditions.